A dwelling

Sangeeta garg finished the interior of her client’s house.  She believed that divinity was experienced in architecture when it came to space. She had that quality, to convert the four walls to convert from a dwelling to a place that took care of your soul. This made her a popular interior decorator.

People busy with their lives tended to treat their homes as impersonal spaces, where they just passed through, Sangeeta believed that homes were like sanctuaries, in time ages ago her home was like that. She had time to tend them like gardens a retreat of treasures, where her family shifted energy from merely being places to being wellsprings for replenishment of the family energy. There was joy, buoyancy and then Prof.DP visited them. He introduced her husband Sudeep to SriVasu, who gradually eat into her home space, her garden withered, the secure smiles from her children vanished.

Sangeeta had fought for her family, she fought SriVasu, she tried every means, finally she let go. She could hear her son Dilip

“Mama, papa hum mein chod jayenge kya?”

Will papa leave us … he had heard the argument between Sudeep and her, and she knew that if she delivered her ultimatum the children would hold her responsible for breaking the family. In fact her mother had even said that

He does not smoke, he does not drink, and he does not beat you, what is your problem? He has a spiritual guru that great.

Hell Didi, most of my friends have Guru’s too, so it cannot be bad,” was her brother’s rejoinder.

“My son has sold himself to the SriVasu, it’s all because of the horrible woman he married” was her mother-in-law’s contribution.

A tired Sangeeta decided to carry on with her life independent of Sudeep, individually under a roof. She turned her gift to set others homes.

“Madam the next client has come, shall I send her in.”

“Mrs.Gupta,”smiled Sangeeta looking at the card.”I need to understand some things before we go into doing your house up.”


“Redecorating is not about spending lot of money, it is about expressing yourself. Your house should reflect the personalities of the people living within”

Sangeeta came into the Gupta house,

“Lets do away with all the things that you don’t use, clothes that you don’t utensils that that are not needed, the bottles with no lids, the lids with no bottles out they go.”

Two weeks, all negative energy from the Gupta house was gone, the chaotic clutter vanished, slots for mail box, their fond memories framed in vantage points to affirm relations and joy. Sangeeta had worked her magic. Their space was liberated to let their energy roam free, she had made them prioritize their family activities and made their home their focus. Something she had failed to do in her personal home.

Late evening, Sangeeta sat alone at home, kids were away on a holiday to her parents, Sudeep as usual at SriVasu’s ashram, planning their jaunt to Hardwar—DelhiPune. She knew she had to get peace back into her life; the peace had to come from within. It meant full embrace,

A full embrace leaving nothing, her broken marriage, her priorities for a while. An ideal situation. That was what Sudeep went to SriVasu in search of. He needed to sort his issues and his conflicts unfortunately once SriVasu entered their lives Sudeep were calmer, detached the conflict had shifted to her and the family.

She had felt the pull of being the mother, wanting to save her marriage, keep her home for the kids, the last two days of solicitude she realized that peace had expressed itself in a contradiction. She had to transcend that primal energies of insecurities, jealousy and establish her inner sanctum, which existed beyond Sudeep and her marriage. Without realizing Sangeeta had drifted to a slumber.

The dawn had released her, it was ironic, she had to take hold of herself let go of negativity, after all she was not responsible if Sudeep needed a crutch, she accepted that her life was independent of him, the kids and her she just picked up the threads and left Sudeep behind. Of course a legal separation was too messy, but it made sense to take responsibility for what she could change.

“Jia, free my Friday afternoon. Put me through to Anaga

“Yes madam,”

“Anaga, Sangeeta here, I’ll help you with your event.”

Step one was taken.

Interior decoration is not about expensive paraphernalia. It about ensuring that the dwelling is a reflection of the people who live there. It is about colours, that soothe heal, whatever is out of balance. It is about putting things that mean the most to you in focus. Now make a chart of colours and their effect.”

It was three months since Sangeeta started teaching Friday afternoons at Anaga’s centre. Paradoxically answers to her questions and solutions to her problems arose from there. She was more connected to life and people around her. Her knowledge and experiences helped others.

Each time Sudeep left for SriVasu’s ashram she had felt, helpless and flawed. But when she reached out to help and inspire Anaga’s waifs she felt empowered and capable. When her energies and particular skills helped people she was reminded that she is not the only one who in trouble. The overwhelming sense of incompetence and isolation disappeared  she had made a break from her sorrow and extended herself to someone in need.

Yes Sangeeta’s soul was housed stress free in her body with a wellspring of energy.   




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