serving your community.

“Yogastha kurukarmani, naa phaleshu kadachana”

Guruji, at the Manasa ashram, Babaji, used to insist on community service. He always said we tend to be caught up with our lives many times we forget that we are part of community we have duties towards it. Even small things done for a neighbour adds to the large picture. The most ideal thing would be to contribute either our vision, or practical, or monetary help.” Said Parashar. Srivasu knew there was more to come “but isn’t spiritual quest all about detachment?”

Parashar had been through many ashrams, including the Oshodhama. Manasa his pick before associating with the ashreya. He was a spiritual junkie.

“Guruji, even just doing your work will distract you from the path of spiritual quest won’t it” asked Parashar further.

“That is there, but there is also something called Karma yoga. Parashar, you are teacher, your job is to teach. You teach and do it sincerely beyond that you concentrate on your spiritual quest.”

“You told me this before too, Guruji, so I told my colleagues don’t call me conferences or to publish papers I will teach and beyond that I have other things to do.”

“rahi community ki baat”continued Srivasu”we shall have a langar here every month one of you host it. Let whoever needs come and eat. That will take care of your community commitment. Remember when you do something for your Guru, or donate to the cause of your Guru you will be rewarded tenfold.” He looked around to see the effect. After all it would not do if the listeners concluded that he was asking to give him money. “Even when you spend time here, with me it adds to both your spiritual and material life.”

Rishi Parashar, was busy with meditation. A bird chirped. The disturbed mendicant glared at the bird the bird was burnt to ashes.

Later during the day as he went for begging alms, he entered a house. The lady of the house told him to wait a while she would get food for him. Just then her old father-in-law called, she tended to him fed him and went to get the alms. This time her husband came back from work. She tended to him so giving the alms got delayed.

“Don’t you know how to treat a mendicant? How dare you keep me waiting while you attend the mundane” thundered Rishi Parashar.

“I am not that helpless bird that you can burn me down, seer I have to do my duty first that being my family” replied the lady with a smile.

“How did you know about the bird?”Asked a shocked mendicant after all he was alone when it happened. “You are a truly realized soul, can you tell me your path?”

“I am just a housewife, you need to meet Keelaka in the market “replied the lady.

The mendicant went in search of Keelaka to him amazement keelaka turned out to be a butcher. He politely requested the mendicant to be seated while he finished his day and went about slaughtering. The mendicant was furious at what he thought as insult by the lady.

“I am neither the lady to be bullied by you, nor the bird to be burnt.” The mendicant was taken aback for he had not yet mentioned the lady .

After the slaughter the butcher paid his men, sent food to his parents and turned to the mendicant.

“Why did the lady send me to you?” asked the mendicant.

“Its no insult sir, you asked  her a question, but maybe you were not ready to accept the answer.”

The mendicant raised an eyebrow.

‘Well whether it is the Lady or me we do our jobs with all sincerity, then we tend to our obligations. This in itself takes care of our needs and wants. This is true spirituality you do your work not expecting rewards not being deterred by failures. Of course you are more learned than I am I can only share my experience.’



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