Vrinda- the group.

Srivasuji had arrived at Kadaba, a small but wealthy university town. Prof. sachidanand was his  disciple.

As he settled, there was the usual hustle of washing his feet, and aarti songs and final discreet offerings of cash as each one fell at his feet.

Guruji,” before the disciple could complete her sentence, Sachidanand’s wife Sheela turned up with a glass of water.

Somehow her presence made him uncomfortable as though she could see through him.

“I do not ask all this Seva” he said taking the glass of water.

Sheela smiled. It was as though she was restraining herself from bursting out into laughter.

“Its true” said Srivasu seriously.”I do not ask for any of this, its their faith in me, and their need to do all this that is making them do it.”

In a way its true thought Sheela. Initially when Srivasu used visit them he came by train, stayed in the ordinary bedroom and ate out of the normal crockery in the house. As his circle of disciples increased each came with her own must do’s for the Guruji, restricting things.

Sheela sometimes felt that Srivasu was getting trapped in a labyrinth of his own creating.



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  1. kasturi nayak
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 05:36:26

    is this one full chapter or part or is it the 2nd page
    If it is is full chapter i think it is too short


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