When Kamila first met Srivasu she was troubled. her family had been told of the various gossip that ran round her. Particularly since they were not true.

“guruji, I do not bother with people, I don’t talk about people why do they talk about me?”

“its your Karma, Kamila that attracts the talk. Remember they are creating their own Karma cycle too.”

“it makes me so angry”


“for one thing it is not true,for another they pick on my defects, but they have nothing to about my good qualities”

“does it upset you when they talk of Maithili your sister-in-law or say for that matter anyone else?”


“do you appreciate their good qualities?”

“No, but if they are talking about others how does it concern me? How am I responsible for what they say?”

“that is precisely it, you are not responsible for what they say so why should you get angry and collect unwanted karma? Since they are also talking due to their emotions, which are created by circumstances beyond them why should you get angry? ”

Kamila not only felt better a sense of superiority got instilled in her, I am above them, I forgive them.


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