Sir, there is nothing to say she is stressed out.”

With his wife being ill, Dasharathprasad or DP as he was known was shaken. He was always cared for, first his widowed mother, then his wife.

Like his name sake, his sons Ramprasad, and Lakshmanprasad were overseas. His only daughter was married, but it was against his upbringing to go to his daughters place. That evening he was invited to Ramdas Trivedi’s house and he could not say no, as Ramdas was one of his oldest friends.

The man was talking to Ramdas’s students who were all students of botany.

“The mind is so fickle. If we stop and listen to our mind talking we find that it is giving us so much of negativity. This negativity is like a weed that eats the health of your life plant. You need to weed it out and tend the goodness within you, which will blossom, allowing you a more fulfilled life.”

“One more of those God men!”Thought DP.

The man looked at him and smiled.

“Jo khudh se itna grina kartha ho, auron ko kya izzat dega.”

“Me,”thought DP”this man cannot be referring to me, I do not have self contempt.”

When everything was over the Guru called him”your wife needs care. ”

Haan,” responded DP reluctantly the man was not saying anything that was not obvious.

“You have sent your sons abroad, but you cannot go there.”

DP kept quiet. He recollected the reluctance both his sons had exhibited, they would rather completed their masters in IIM and taken a job in and around Delhi. His wife had also supported them. But for DP it was a matter of prestige to have his sons goes abroad. It was his vindication for spending his life time in a mufusal southern university.

“You have been like father to all students,” the guru continued.” That Karma will find you a son here. I and my wife will look after you.”

For a fortnight the Guru,SriVasu and his wife savitri looked after DP and his wife sumitra.

“It was necessary for Dasharath to let his son go even if it meant his own end.” Said guruji, after all nature always organizes things the way it should be.

Another time, Guruji told him “when you have educated your daughter like a son and made her just as efficient then she becomes your son. You let her help you. After all as a daughter she would want to do it. Why do you want to stop her?”

King Dasharath, was thrilled that son Rama was to be coronated. But his third and dearest wife Kaikeyi redeemed his promise to grant her three wishes when she saved him on at a battlefield. Her wishes were Rama to exiled for 14yrs and her son Bharat to be coronated as King.

The king was nullifying the Karma he had collected by killing the poor Brahmin Sravana Kumar and causing his parents sorrow. The parents died due to the shock of losing their only son.



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