Shabari, saw the unquestioning acceptance of Srivasu by the other disciples. It made her doubt her own faith. But she could not be docile like the rest either.

“Bhabhi, I cannot be like others,”

Sheila Safari’s sister-in-law smiled. The ugly head of superiority had emerged in shagbark too.

“What is their kind of devotion called?”

“You find Dasya, seva, and atmanivedhana among the disciples”

“What are they?”

“Seva is when you do a good turn, a service of Lord, to me it would mean help someone who needs your help. Dasyam is when you follow the Lords word without questioning and do as he says. Atmanivedhane is when your own self and ego has been surrendered to God it is a state where you do not exist because you exist in God.”

“But I am not like them. To me Guruji is a friend.”


“Is that a form of Bhakti too Bhabhi?”

“Yes, personified by the bonding between Krishna and Arjuna.”

Shabari felt very elated. After all Guruji had told her that they were following the jnana marga where knowledge is more important than Bhakti so questioning him should be alright. The discourse this morning she felt was especially  for her. Guruji  had said

“We tend not tell our friends our trouble. We are stopped by various things like maybe we are being silly. Maybe they will think less of us. They may be busy. But all these are grievous injuries to your friendship. For friendship is all about sharing the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows of life. A friend accepts you with your faults and all.”

Yes thought Shabari, was her friend. he had told the younger ones that”Jaise aap apne bhaki friends se baat karte ho, hamse bhi baat karo. Usse phaltu phalna baat ke badle aap ke jnan badega, aapke vikas hooga.”

After all it made Shabari happy Sheila did not see reason to continue the conversations. But Mahabharat did talk of friendship in various levels.

Like the one between Krishna and Sudama. After all Sudama was hesitant to share his troubles with Krishna for he thought Krishna would be busy with his Kingly duties and Sudama was far too insignificant for his attention.

There is also the story of King Drupad and Dronacharya where distrust came in between.

The unquestioning loyalty between Karna and Duryodhana, despite each being aware of the others short comings.


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