growing pains

SriVasu was sitting with his usual group of followers. This time it was in Lucknow at one of his disciples’ house.

The blazing temperature did not really affect SriVasu as he always was housed in an AC room.

This lady, was sniffing

“Kabhi bhi kuch karte hain guruji bigad jaata hai” – when we do something it goes bad. “Each time we hope that things improve then it gets disturbed.

SriVasu looked at her seriously. His eyes with its unsmiling expression, “we are like children,” he said,” the universe is our mother who known the needs of our soul better than we do.”

“It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude when things are difficult” the lady sniffled again.

“That is because you assume, that if the universe loves it you it will give you what you want. But the universe knows just like a child cannot benefit from getting everything it wants, the soul cannot benefit by getting everything it wants. Our constrains and our challenges help us grow.”

“we are all experiencing difficulties” said Mrs.Yadugiri another devotee from Lucknow.

“Its like growing pains” replied SriVasu.” The universe is experiencing extreme energy changes; it does well to remember that life is one phase after the other. This pain will give rise to something new and something different.”

“But Guruji, it is very scary and depressing.”

“When overwhelmed and desperate look into you, the things you are holding on to, the fears that you have never faced. Emotions that rule you.  You should surrender to the change that Nature orders after all this will pass too.”

But SriVasu would never refer to unresolved issue or the negative reality people created for themselves.


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