The cycles of giving and accepting

The cycles of giving and accepting.

 “Mujhe to guruji, bus is sheher chodke jaana hai

“kyon? Why leave the town?”

bus guruji, yahaan ke mahol humein suit nahi karti.

Yehi problem hai” said SriVasu addressing the motley crowd of the morning disciple. Sunita, his potential disciple wanted reassurance. He knew he had to play his cards carefully. After all her husband was into constructions.

“why, it is not really about a new place, you are focusing on the fact that you need to relocate. You are dwelling on this one thing, than strategizing, complaining even daydreaming about it all. The real reason of your dissatisfaction is hidden out of your sight.”

kasha nas pakadley guruji ni”  muttered one of his disciple, admiring the way he identified her problem. “Main yeh nahi kehta ki aisa nahi hoga. Once you change your location things might improve, but you are the same your underlying trouble is the same. So will still be dissatisfied, it is like a pattern running. Is pe dhyan do ki what is really troubling you. Once you identify what the problem is then making changes, the problems are less likely to reappear.”

Srivasu looked at all his disciples giving a benevolent smile. “aur, if you are used to grasping external support the only way you can overcome it is by grasping the support of a Sat Guru

“what if we find out that the career or our focus for so long has been wrong?”

accha,” said Srivasu with a knowing smile”sab apne matlab ke poochte hain.  Everyone is worried only about themselves. Anyway Revathy, this entire work and existence is a fabric.  Say some people are good conductors, but they would be useless without musicians. In this symphony of life we are all playing various parts. Someone is soloist, someone a percussionist, someone an instrumentalist when everyone is perfect synchrony is harmony achievable. Each one is important to make the whole. Someone might get more importance and someone less this is basically dependent on their other karmas.”

’”but it hurts when our skills and talents are recognized. Guruji, when we put so much of our energy and skill to nurture people with our skills and support them, it goes without receiving gratitude”

“do you acknowledge that these people also help you by giving you a lesson that allows you closer to your goals? When you do something with humility and apply your talent for a job with sincerity, after completion share is willingly will you attract the right energies and forces. The minute you grudge the service that you are doing, your energy gets blocked. This limits the abundance that you receive from the universe. Remember only when you allow yourself to receive as well us give will the channel of abundance open.”

“Guruji, when we give something willingly, or easily there is no value for it.”

yeh aapse kisne kaha?” asked SriVasu

“I have seen it, “replied Sunita, and Revathy agreed.

“every time, you give you also receive”

par Guruji mujhe gifts lena pasand nahi hai,we become obligated to the person, we have to return things of the same value. It’s an energy drain.”

Nah, giving and receiving are parts of the same cycle. We become imbalanced only when we try to control on side of the cycle. We might feel things are a trade off, or gratitude is not adequate. But understand, when you receive gratitude its form might be different, like viewing the world from the other person’s point of view. The return may not be from the same source. When you are open to receiving gifts then you fill that the return could be from somewhere else.  Just accept the gift and say thank you.”

mushkil hai Guruji, it is difficult.”

“accepting a person’s gift is a gift in itself. Sincere appreciation for their acknowledgement and their effort joins your energy and natures all involved. If it is still difficult than accept it on behalf of a loving and giving universe. ”

“Guruji, coming back to our earlier discussion, what  if responsibilities and other commitment distract us? ”

“staying focused, each moment will allow the rhythmic flow of the universe within you and harmonize your being.”

“when something is new guruji, itna excitement rehatahai, ki bus wohi karte rahe”

“then you are in the danger of overheating and burning out, you need to surrender yourself to a sat guru so that you stay focused on one thing, focus on your spiritual self, with the Gurukripa it is easy, then you can make most of your life-force energy, engage yourself fully in the moment so that it can nurture you in return. ”

par guruji, itne saare kaam hote hain. Our attention gets pulled in so many directions, not just in our lives but also due to advertisement, news hustle and bustle of the environment.”

“apne Guru ki suno, listen to your inner guidance and focus your thoughts on the goals that resonate strongly within you, the rest will fade away,koyi ahmiyat nahi rakhegi, Gurukripa and your alertness will guide you make choice with your interest, talent and personality in view. Then your energy will be wisely invested. Your work is necessary for our physical need, your relationships are important for our emotional needs, but when you engage your spirit as well you can choose the area that nurtures your body mind and soul. Then  you are automatically focused. This allows the rhythmic flow of the universe and harmonizes all aspects of your being making it a well balanced whole. ”


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