“Sheila bhabhi, I want to invite Guruji home will he come?”

“Why not. Call him if cannot come he will say so.”

‘But I don’t have silverware to give him things.’

Shabari, as such Guruji, eats only fruits and drinks milk I will lend you my silverware if you are particular. But this whole silver business is new,”

After Shabari left, Sheila thought of the early times when SriVasu visited them. They had an ordinary steel plate and tumbler that was kept separate for his use. It was only as the flock of disciples increased each disciple with himself or herself had added one more must to the list of hospitality for Guruji. Silverware was the latest contribution.

Sri Vasu though did not really comment he very subtle tend to stay in homes where the silverware was available for his exclusive use. The opulence of Vishnu was manifesting and the power of Lakshmi was visible.

And it was Shabhari’s name sake who was supposed to have offered the Lord berries after biting into them to see if they were sweet, only sweet ones were offered while the ones that were not good were thrown out.

These stories were to be narrated and morals to be stated and verbally eulogized. But practising it seems a super effort. After all not all could be Yudhistra the prince of Kurus. It is believed that the Guru Kripacharya asked his students to learn their lessons.

“what have learnt prince” guru asked each of his students

Each one narrated or recited elaborate works.

It was then the turn of Prince Yuddhistra of Kuru.

“I learnt not to get angry or disturbed by anyone or anything.”

“What else” prompted Kripa-acharya?

“That’s it”

Angry Kripa acharya slapped the Prince and punished him. The prince calmly accepted his punishment. It was only then that the acharya realized while everyone had learnt the lesson by route, the prince was the only one who understood, practised and applied it.


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  1. kasturi nayak
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 03:02:44

    the 2nd sentence&
    guru kripacharya’s Q- a word/grammer needs correction
    but i am sure with ”proof reading ” this would be sorted out finally
    otherwise good simple fluid story


  2. kasturi nayak
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 03:03:32

    just mentioned in the above column


  3. parwatisingari
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 03:47:31

    thank you aunty


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