The benefits of offering needs are related in many stories such as the story of kind Jambupati(Phra Jcaho Jambupati.) which tells how during the dispensation of Phra Kassapa the Lord Sammamsambuddha.King Jambupati offered a needle to a certain monk in a spirit of faith as a result he was reborn in heaven for a long period. When he passed away from heaven he was reborn as king Jambupati. Kind Jambupati had a magical poison arrow which could shoot above and below, even down the underworld Naga realm. King Jambupati’s poisonous arrow had extraordinary magic power when he shot it into the earth it would penetrate as far a league and then return to its quiver. When shot into the underworld naga realm it could smash the Naga realms into dust. When he shot into water the writer would boil and smoke would roil up as if from a fire and then the arrow would turn into a royal envoy.

If any ruler did not pay homage the arrow would thread his year that is thread the ear of the ruler and force him to go into the presence of King Jambupati and pay homage according to the royal whim. The poisonous arrow could transform into anything at all and no one could match its power. And all this because king jampati offered a needle in the long ago dispensation Phras Kassapa the Lord Sammasambuddha. The story of Jambupati is one that Thai Buddhists have always liked to write down and listen to.

Murals and paints

  • Jambupati:
    • Buddhiasawan chapel Bangkok
    • Wat Thang Noppakhun.Thon buri
    • Wat Pa Ruak, Lunag Prahang Laos
    • King Kappina
      • Nine caves at Mogao grottoes Dunhuang.
      • Magical transformations and magical contest.
        • Origins
        • Anuttarah purusandamy sarathith
        • Haribhadra abhisamayalankaraloka.
        • Arya sundarandanda angulimala urubilva kasyapa and Maharja kaphina.
        • History
        • Crowned image in British museum dated 1540/41 by inscription of the base.
        • Verses celebrating the reclining Buddha.
        • Wat Paramabuddhavasa Vihara in Ayutthaya, reigns of King Boromakot.

A tale of two stories, a tale of two stories,

Reflections on the MahaKappinaraja Jataka and the Jambupati-sutra.

Peter skilling.

Presented at the international Sanskrit conference Bangkok.


  • Story of king Kapinna
    • Mahakappinaraja Jatakaa—aPali palm leaf manuscript in the national library and temple collections.
    • Sutra of the wise and the foolish, Chapter 25, translated under the title Hsien-yu ching in CE 445.
    • Hindered avadans. No.88 available in Sanskrit and Tibetan.
    • Canto XX of mahakaya Kappinabhyudaya by sisvamin.
    • Summary in Tibetan life of Buddha.
    • Story of King Jamputai. Jambupati sutra.
      • Palm leaf manuscripts in national library Wat Bovorn Wat Pho and other temple collections. Bibliotheque Nationale Paris.
      • Thai Paper accordion books in south Thailand. Twelve are listed in the catalogue local literature from the southern region. One published.
      • Northern Thai palm leaf manuscripts
      • Shan paper accordion books in chiang mai.
      • On palm leaf manuscripts with Jambupati in their titles: Old catalogue of the former Bernard free library Rangoon.
        • N.128 slapt Janbupati
        • 129 Jambupatisvasaman
        • Jampubapitsut.

Khmer Palm-leaf manuscript in National library Rangoon.

Summarized in Tathagata-udana-dipani composed by Dipeyin Sayadaw in 1772

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