28th June is the day that honours the fake lore hero called Paul Bunyan? He is a giant lumberjack. His minimalistic life and lumberjack tales have become folklore.
But he could never take the place of Johnny Chapman, or Johnny Appleseed the pioneer environmentalist who introduced apple to Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. He was also a missionary.
The legend has it that this environmentalist wore a saucepan for a hat and wore rags for he gave away better clothes. He threw apple seeds to create an orchid.
Somehow Johnny Appleseed reminded me of the bent old man who used to collect trash from the trash cans of Manipal I wonder how many of us remember him from our childhood. We called him “tinlbattlipaper” after his yodeling call for tins-bottle and paper that were to be thrown away. Many of our mothers gave away old clothing.
He used to quite often followed by the dog Jimmy who had adopted all of us.