I am not very sure how many are aware of this unique goan form of theatre.
Today’s blog is just to introduce the word to you.
I was introduced to Tiatr by Mr.Tomasino Cardozo and Mrs. Padmashree Josalkar when I wanted to do the beggars opera in Konkani. I was told that Teenpaise chi tiatr was the Konkani adaptation of beggars opera. I was really curious to know how this was presented.
This is a form that has evolved over 118yrs says Dr.Andre Rafael Fernandes who has worked his PhD on this art form.
Tiatr has survived Hindi movies, cable TV and has remained the main stay of Goan heritage, and reminder of the old world values of Goyekars (I like this spelling as it is the closest to the way it is said and it remains unique.)
But post liberation and blending with the greater bhaiyyaland culture the Mumbai-Goyekars have abandoned tiatr along with their Goan identity; interestingly this trend has seen a spurt of Tiatr group’s performers and dedicated viewers within Goa. During the season there are s much as ten shows happening all over goa.
2009 saw the Karachi Goan community which is about 20,000 members strong present a tiatr. Tiatr is also popular in the Middle East, London and Canada where the goan community throngs.
From fields to churchyards to a stage Tiatr or Khell-tiatr has travelled this travel is documented in various books my own favourite being Dr.Fernandes, When the curtains Rise….