Kalidasa’s  inspiration from Valmiki.

When one reads kalidasa’s works carefully there are lots of instances where the poet has been inspired by the adi kavi.

The famous meghadootam (meghasandesham) has been inspired by the Hanuma sandesha  in Ramayana.

Even the concept of the Yaksha being banished because of neglecting his duty is from the Viradha story of the Valmiki Ramayana in the sundara kanda, Viradha who was a Gandharva called Tumburu was banished by Kubera for neglecting his duty due to his obsession with the celestial dancer Ramba.

The banishing of  a pregnant Sita and her giving birth to twins at the ashram of  Valmiki has inspired the Banishing of Shakuntala and her delivering Bharat at the Ashram of Rshi Maricha.

The flying vehicle of Maithili in Shakuntala reminds one of the Pushpaka vimana.

Other than this the famous Raghuvamsham which details the lineage of Rama

Valmiki seems to have inspired a lot of poets no wonder he is the Adi kavi.