Kanta sammita – the infered.

Literary compositions in sanskrit ar either

  • Guru sammita             scriptures with do’s and don’t like the vedas.
  • Sakhi sammita             epics that make ethical lessons palpable and palatable.
  • Kantasammita             poetry and drama her things are not stated but is left to infernce.

Since I work more with poetry and drama, inferences play an important role in intepreting and presenting. One thing that stuck to me about both Ramayana and Mahabharat is the corollaries that can be drawn

v  The life of a forest dweller is  romanticized.

v  The fact that it can be enjoyed if if one has the mind to attune to nature which vibrates in beauty and in that one can live in love and peace.

v  Ambition and violence are part of heroic ideals, they are not sinful in themelseves but become siful only when they are lead to other sinds.

v  Mans normal instincts demand legitimate satisfication and fulfilment. It is not sinful to satisfy them.

v  Violation of social harmony is a sin.

Interestingly Tapas deos not purify or enrich a character, for example Vishwamitra, his ego and aggression stays intact, it  empowered by his Tapas.