Dasharata, The powerful king, the name as such breaks into Dasha-ratha a man with a powerful army. He is perpetually iconized as a man in dilemma, and maybe henpecked. Socio-religious intepreters, talk of his dilemma, in granting Kaikeyi the boon, the consequence of which would be to go against a social norm. The dilemma should have been, breaking a social norm against breaking his promise to his father in law the King of Kaikeya. The promise to Kaikayi is like signing a blank cheque he needs to face the consequences of that too. Dasharath, it appears believes in the theory promise now and try to wriggle later. Like he promised Rshi Vishwamitra that his wish would be his (Dasharata’s) command, but when it came down to sending his sons, he was reluctant, that Vishwamitra had to remind him “purmartham pratisrutya pratijnam hamucchasi Raghavanamayukta kulasyasya viprayayah” Ie breaking of a promise is not worthy of a king in the line of Raghu.