Satteri worship of goa is the worship of the anthill. The presence of a live anthill is indicative of fertile land. When the anthill is a termite hill it has fertile potential, and tends to go deep.

Folklore believes that the termite hill is the pathway to the Nagaloka or the land of snakes. Again we come to the fertility motif. Usually snakes tend to displace the termites.

Snakes particularly the Nagas  i.e. the hooded snakes tend to move slighter and rest in crevice. Hence it is associated with fertility of earth. The shedding of the snake skin is considered parallel to the earth’s recovery of fertility cycle  bonding the symbolism even further.

Myths round the world associate snakes with the mysteries of life and death. Mystic powers and healing are also symbolized and associated with snakes. We see this association even today.

Naga’s represent fertile soil, or deep mineral wealth of the earth, so logically they became the guardians of Lakshmi’s grace. The symbolism furthered and they are also worshiped by women seeking children. The Naga worship is also seen in farmers seeking a good harvest.

I find it a very interesting flow of festivals.  The Nagapanchami is followed by the ganesha chaturti,

Again a totemic representation of all things that could destroy a crop, the elephant, and a rat, which is contained by a snake

Art uses snakes to represent both the spiritual and the material component. The goddess holds a slithering snake for only then does the shedding of the dead skin and rejuvenation takes place which is a must from natures point of view. The slithering snake represents the flow of rasa or flavour of life, the waxing and waning of the material life.  The movement or slithering snake is associated with fertility, pleasure, and a life giving river

The coiled snake the Kundalini, which was brought under control by Krishna is representative of the Yogic or the spiritual energy it is like the raw milk full of potential.

The festival of nagapanchami is on 5th day of Shravan. This year it falls on aug.14th.