Dwara – and Bharata’s theater.

Bharata’s natyashastra deals extensively with stage architecture.

We come a cross a term here called pravritti. Which establishes different connotations for Margi, desi and janapada? But right now I am looking only at the placement of doors.

||shloka 69I chapter 2 NSII Bharata says

Karyam dwaradwayam catra nepatyagrahasya

This without ambiguity is the entrance to the nepathya. For the actors to go to the dressing room.

While shloka 96-97 mentions 3 doors one for the entry from the nepathya, which means we come 3 entries on stage.  The entry is specified

North door, i.e. the left of the actors Avanti and dakshinatya characters

South door or the actors right Ordhamagadi and Panchal

The exists are from the opposite side of the entry. Unless the character is a pratihari or retracing.

Since the Kutapa/orchestra is placed on the madhyamathavarni(central elevation)  the entry would fall on either side of the madhyamathavarni while the dakshina and vama taking care or creating the side wings.

Other than the onstage door, bharata also talks of Janapravesham or the audience entry making the tally of the doors 5.

This architecture is applicable are a must in natyadharmi, while it comes loka dharma flexibility is there