bhagwat ajjukam 1Is a play written by the classical theater scholar, Bodhayana. Between 6th and 4th  century BC.

            No other plays written by him have been found as yet.

            We performed the Hindi translation by NC Jain.

            The story is a prahasana in the a classical format, with a Parivrajak, i.e. a Buddhist preacher, his every hungry student Shandilya, a courtesan Vasantasena, her drunken suitor and a bungling Yamadoot.

            A bungling Yamadoot blunders and takes the soul of the wrong Vasantasena.

            Provoked by his student a Parivrajak decides to prove himself by entering her body. In the meanwhile Yamadoota discovers his mistake, and he decides to return the soul of Vasantasena to her body, but finds it occupied so he places the soul in the body of the Parivrajak.

            As a result the Parivrajak, behaves like Vasantasena, and Vasantasena behaves like Parivrajak,  The situation no doubt turns hilarious after a while the Yamadoot requests the Parivrajak to return to his body while he restores  the soul of Vasantasena to her rightful body.

            The Parivrajak returns a wiser and humbler man with this experience. While Vasantasena returns to her suitor

            This was indeed a challenge to me as it was my shift from main stage to choreography, and that too working with another director, though I was comfortable in a non movement oriented direction.

            Padmashree being influenced by Urubhangam gave me the visual she had for the soul extraction and restoration. But the actual challenge was  getting the transparent effect of the soul.  Trying to get the visual difference between sthula shareera and atma.

            But the experience was indeed great.