I am not talking about Mahabharata, where everybody’s paternity is questionable as their morality in terms of today’s world. But there are events and stories which talk of the openess of the soceity which neither or maculay educated intellectuals nor our Kautiliyan politicians want to talk about, the story of Jaabala is just one such instant.

    The story of Satyakama jabala/li is narrated in Chandyogapanishad of Samaveda. Satyakama was son of one Jaabala .On attaining age eligible to go to a guru he asks his mother about his father as lineage had to be spelled out while introducing himself to the guru.. She replies that she worked with many when in youth and had begotten him and didn’t know who his father was.She tells him to tell his name as Satyakama Jaabala in matrilineal tradition. He goes to Hadriduma Gautama, his chosen teacher and on being enquired about lineage tells the TRUTH. Impressed , Gautama says,’ you are a brahmin ‘(by his behaviour and being fearless in telling the truth) and agrees to teach him the sacred knowledge. Gautama gives him four hundred lean cows and asks him to go after them.Satyakama vows to herd them and return after they became a thousand. After a long time when herd becomes 1000, the Bull of the herd advises him to go to guru along with them.He also teaches him about the foot of BRAHMAN .This is followed by teaching by Agni(fire), the swan and a madgu bird. They teach him dividing foot into four parts each time like the directions, earth ,sky etc., and bird tells him in terms of prana ,eyes ,ears and mind to be controlled with reverence during meditation. Satya returns to his guru who is immensely pleased and teaches him ‘without omitting a thing’. It is a revelation for the critics of Indian and Vedic tradition. The acceptance of a vidyarthee of unknown lineage to allow studying the vedic knowledge The student’s SATYA KAAMATHA or seeking /sticking to /abiding by the truth come waht may later followed by the 20th century apostle of peace The willingness to learn from anybody and NATURE THE TRUE MEANING OF A BRAHMIN AND BRAHMACHAARI The basic concept of ONE AND ENDLESS BRAHMAN WITH ALL NATURAL AND HUMAN FORCES AS COMPONENTS are all espoused and emphasized.

     Incidently the institutionalization of education, with Kautiliya, and his concept of catch the teachers,”intellectuals” brought about rigidity of caste system and made it a natal factor, for a social factor.