What is Nrtya – classical dance appreciation for the uninitiated. We’ve all seen dances performed during various occasions, movies, yet we cannot really understand the finer details. Any dance performance allows us to soak the following experiences. • Visual, through the eyes. • Audio the music used. • Emotion, our mind is inspired by to think or experience profound reactions Those are the essential things we focus on when we talk of dance. When we sit down to see a performance we see the dancer, then we hear the music, then the movements begin some pirouetting, sometimes jumping or stamping the feet, this goes on till the end of the performance. People notice also the costume of the dancer, We can again sum it up as • The dancers physical appearance, • The costume and presentation of the dancer. • Finally the co-ordinated movement. The synchrony in rhythm between the beats of the music and the dancer is also important. The experience can be summed as, Visual, — the aesthesis of vision Sound – the rhythm and sound has to blend and soothe. Finally the Rasa factor which is unique to Indian dancing. In a nutshell it is the emotion simulated in the observer. It is unique in the sense it neither belongs to the creator of the art, nor is the person who experiences it transient. It is essentially an elevation into the spiritual plane from the through the body and mind planes.